• Image of HEIMDALL-2 DRIVE
  • Image of HEIMDALL-2 DRIVE
  • Image of HEIMDALL-2 DRIVE

Another run of 5 posed as of 7/2/21

So it’s time to officially announce the return of the HEIMDALL DRIVE as the HEIMDALL-2.

The original version of the HEIMDALL was many months of hard work where I never fully nailed what I was going for. The low end wasn’t tight enough, it was too noisy, the frequencies weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear. However my experience designing and building over the last couple years has taught me how to perfect those sounds I was going for. IM FINALLY HAPPY!!!

First off, this is not meant to be an exact HM2 clone. The three main EQ gyrators (low high mid and treble) are all directly from the HM2 but otherwise it’s a very different pedal.

I’ve redesigned the gain staging to be more of a classic overdrive for better articulation. I’ve designed the circuit with lower BARITONE tunings and BASS in mind (although it works perfectly with standard tuning) but seriously, this thing is amazing for BASS.

Because of this reduction in gain for the sake of clarity, the HEIMDALL-2 is best used with a slightly dirty amp or stacked with other dirt pedals which you will find it stacks shockingly well!

Personally I love some brutal caveman death metal (ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER) but I also am a huge GODFLESH fan and wanted something that could get me even closer to that streetcleaner tone. Namely more clarity, articulation and a ton of tight low end for the CHUGS

Right off the bat you’ll notice there are three trim pots: BOOST, TONE and BALANCE.
Many of you will immediately want to go in and tweak these.
They have been dialed in very precisely for each build but you can refer to the close up in the photo of the trim pots above.
The BOOST is at the end of the circuit but this boosts the entire signal including the clean blend.
The TONE is a simple passive low pass filter which can take off some of the shrill highs while leaving those high mids crisp.
The BALANCE is a crucial part of the tone stack and the most sensitive to changes. Too much in either direction and you lose the chainsaw effect so this is the most important one to note the original position of when tweaking pots.

The added mid EQ band which has a sweepable frequency (250hz-950hz) and both cuts and boosts as do all the EQ pots.

Finally I’ve gone with the “W” taper pots (audio for the first part of the rotation, linear for the middle and reverse audio for the last part of the rotation) so they actually are balanced at noon and cut or boost from there.

Available in Black and Blackened Metal enclosures.

PS! I should also mention that if you’re looking for that specific thin, buzzy, “chainsaw” sound, you’ll need some tweaking of the EQ to dial that tone in and it will not sound exactly like an HM2 as it is not a clone. Just cranking all knobs up will give you way too much midrange from the added mid control (the knob marked “M”) so you’ll actually want to cut it all the way as well as the frequency for a more chainsaw sound. (See knob setting in main photo for a good starting point)

Videos are available on Instagram @blackhawkamps



All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.


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