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After EIGHTEEN REVISIONS (yes I am that obsessive) the new HEL FET V2 is now ready! The improvements are astounding. My vision for a FET version of a tube preamp has come closer than I could have imagined.

For those of you who have a V1, I offer a PCB swap (and if you look at that thing, it's a LOT of parts) for a very low fee because I want you to have the best version possible!

The HEL FET is a discrete mosfet and jfet high gain preamp inspired by the handwired, high voltage, high gain HEL tube preamp.
Tight, articulate, throaty and saturated

While FETs will never be tubes, they have their own character and are definitely capable in their own right and the HEL FET is absolutely brutal for death, black and doom metal.

The HEL FET be placed in front of any CLEAN single channel tube amp, effectively making that amp a two channel amp. It is important that the amp be clean (or at the most lightly broken up) as the tone stack becomes less effective into additional gain stages.
It can also be used into an FX loop or power amplifier.

Using a unique BLACKHAWK designed tone stack (based off of the classic DR103 EQ) with an added midrange Frequency control and switches for low mid boost as well as the treble cap, a massive range of tones are possible.

The GATE switch is to tame some of the noise when not playing. To be clear this is a VERY simple, crude design that is not adjustable. It DOES affect the tone, noted decay and response. It also doesn't work for all settings BUT it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it haha!

If you are looking for a clean preamp, we can help direct you elsewhere as that is not what the HEL FET is designed for.

A second foot switch adds a built in MORGUL BOOST to add more bite and clipping. Trim pots for boost and depth inside

DO NOT TOUCH THE POTS MARKED "BIAS" unless you have a multimeter to rebias with! I spend a long time dialing this in!

This tone stack, rather than scooping out all of the midrange resulting in the thin sound one would associate with placing a tube preamp in front of another, the HEL FET brings the brutality.

UPDATE 4/4/23:
It turns out the ODIN FET, MJOLNIR FET and HEL FET preamps sound AMAZING at 18v, SO the updated V2 Rev18 includes a built in charge pump! (So use 9v power only!)

Videos are available on Instagram @blackhawkamps



All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

CURRENT DRAW 200ma to 300ma

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.


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