• Image of LOKI 100

The LOKI utilizes two independent preamp channels to allow for any vintage or modern tone imaginable from thick murky sludge to razor sharp precision and anything in between. LOKI is the shape shifter.

The Overdrive channel is of our own design, many usable options were included to allow for a MASSIVE amount of control over your tone.

Controls are:
🔱= GAIN (push/pull cold/hot clipping)
T= TREBLE (push/pull shift)
M= MIDRANGE (push/pull shift)
B= BASS (push/pull shift)

The Clean channel is based on the MJOLNIR low gain input and makes an incredible pedal platform.

Controls are:
VOLUME (push/pull channel switch)
TREBLE (push/pull shift)

The tube buffered effects loop was meticulously designed to allow for maximum clarity and 3D definition.

The power section is based on the 1960s supergroup. Excellent headroom but will breakup and bloom beautifully when pushed.
Available with E34L or upgrade to KT77, 6CA7 or KT88.

Both channels share a power amp EQ of PRESENCE and RESONANCE controls.
Presence may be switched with a push pull pot between highs and high mids.
Resonance pushes the low mids into a massive bloom.

Comes with handmade foot switch that uses a TRS (stereo) cable.


Please feel free contact for current queue times. The current estimate is roughly 24 months. Thank you!


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