So do you want your attack to be vicious? Do you want palm mutes to punch you in the gut? Do you like virtually endless sustain? To you want one of those magical "always on" pedals that you feel like there's something missing if you have to play a rig without one?

Then you, my friend, need an OUROBOROS COMPRESSOR/SUSTAINER.

The OUROBOROS uses an envelope follower to trigger an LM13700 OTA voltage controlled amplifier. This produces compression which is so much more than simply making quiet and loud things the same volume. That effect is an extreme form of compression referred to as "limiting". Limiting is useful in a studio but less so before a guitar amp (in my opinion).

While not playing, an OTA in the dynacomp circuit is running at max gain, producing its maximum amount of output noise.
Using a "feedforward" as opposed to "feedback" approach so that the OTA is in the loop of an OPAMP is how the OUROBOROS works; the OTA acts like a current-controlled feedback resistor.

The way the Ross/dynacomp (same deign with some value changes) and clones of these (which is all most guitarists have ever tried) were designed, they made sure they let you know the pedal is on by changing the tone.

A good compressor should be almost totally transparent. It’s about not what it does to the tone but to the dynamics and feel.

The big knob is a "ratio" control which essentially works like a clean blend.

The internal trim pots are:
•Threshold (how much signal it takes to trigger the compression envelope)
•Attack (how fast/slow the volume comes in)
•Release (how fast/slow the volume fades)
•Volume (also known as "make up gain")

All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.


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