$20.00 - $290.00

A much overdue version of the PI π BASS FUZZ as a replacement for the ÅSGARD BASS FUZZ

Available in "TALL FRONT" black or green 1590J enclosure or "MEDIUM" black or green 1590BBS enclosure
((((•"TALL FRONT" is an aesthetic thing only, the "MEDIUM" is the exact SAME CIRCUIT))))

Taking influence from the legendary GREEN RUSSIAN PI π only adding:
•PARALLEL CLEAN BASS control (with active bass boost and low pass)
and internal toggle switches for the clipping.
•Switches for diode or MOSFET clipping and clipping frequency.
•Trim pots for noise reduction and the low pass and bass boost for the clean.

•KT3102E transistors in the green and BC549C in the black.

•With every version, the best transistor is carefully selected and measured for the best "HFE" (or gain) for each stage and tone for that circuit. Whenever possible the original transistors will be used but if there is a better alternative, thats what will be used.

•The main difference between my Green and Black Russian PI fuzzes is gain of the transistors.
The black being higher gain BC549C going deeper into "fuzz" where as the Green stays more of a high gain "distortion" with its imported mid gain KT3102EM transistors.
This is to keep the core sound as close to the originals as possible.

•All the important things are as exact, the proper emitter and collector values and diodes that are as close to the original as possible.
In fact, instead of the usual WIMA caps I went with the big green mylar film caps for the nf values to get even closer to the original tone and ceramic disk for the pf. They actually sounded a lot more accurate!

•Added a mid boost/scoop control. so not only can you achieve flat/unity mids, you can even boost mids above unity (this is most effective above 9-10 o'clock on the tone control)

•CLEAN BASS control is PARALLEL meaning instead of being a mix between clean and dirty, it's a separate volume for clean which can go above unity into boost.
Rather than a standard clean blend, this is clean bass, using both a "low pass" trim pot and trim for the gyrator EQ boost at 55-70hz.
(If the one thing about clean blends to add bass to a pedal is they still pass the high cleans when the whole point is to not lose bass, then why not do the thing properly?)

•I’ve added a simple transistor noise reduction on the second clipping stage to help keep feedback and oscillation down without producing any unwanted artifacts. This this adjustable by the "Threshold" trim pot.

•The GREEN RUSSIAN is in a hand painted military green enclosure that has been carved and the graphics blackened with OR/MAT or "Big Boss" knobs.

•The BLACK RUSSIAN is in a powder coated black enclosure and carved graphics with OR/MAT or " Vintage Boss" knobs.

•OR/MAT knobs are an upgrade available in the drop down menu.

•Big Box (Tall front) comes with a “foot switch topper” (for that bubble front switch look)

•"CHERNOBYL" edition uses the "CIVIL WAR" values and comes with OR/MAT knobs and foot switch topper.

Videos are available on Instagram @blackhawkamps


C=clean (Bass)

Internal switches:

•High clip (stock) / full clip (full range clipping frequency)
Full clip yields more saturation bit less bass gets through. The clean bass can compensate for this resulting in both more low end and more saturation.

•Diode or MOSFET clipping:
Diode clipping is stock, MOSFET clipping produces a more saturated tube response.

•The PI π BASS FUZZ includes a completely transparent impedance correction transformer because all Blackhawk fuzz pedals can be placed anywhere in your guitar chain. You never have to worry about buffers or active pickups getting in the way of your tone.

All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.

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