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  • Image of BLACK #1

The ultimate drone doom machine.
Brutal gandalf octave Fuzz cascading into filthy LM308 dirt with a baxandall boost to crush the front end of the dirtiest of cleanest amps (preferably an entire wall of them of course)

Has your love of the halfling’s leaf clearly slowed your mind? Do you follow the smoke to the riff filled land? Do you just want the sickest, gnarliest tone but don’t wanna fiddle with knobs to find it? Then the GANDALF FUZZ has ONE KNOB TO RULE THEM ALL!!!
This simple spell is cast with an opamp blasting a transformer and some germanium diodes (creating an octave up/ring mod effect). Just enough octave, just enough fuzz, just enough distortion. The perfect alchemical recipe.
This little box stacks perfectly before or after any other dirt you want to throw at it.
Now with internal trim pots for octave blend and tone!

The VALKYRIE has been my been quest for some time now for a tube amp saturated opamp drive pedal with the ability to get both tight and wooly.
Originally a 741 for the initial gain stage, I’ve now switched to the famed LM308 (used in vintage RAT pedals)
The opamp then brutalizes the front end of your amp with an LM386 (the “power amp distortion” chip of choice) for massive volume boost. If you love midrange and cutting through the mix OR thick syrupy sludge, this is the pedal for you. The simple but very effective tone control lets you smooth out the top end and even at the lowest gain setting.
With both preamp and power amp saturation controls the warm tube drive tone possibilities seem endless.

There blend for retaining your original tone, equally effective for guitar (especially when running into a high gain amplifier) and of course retaining the low end of your bass! The previously underwhelming gain control (my own harsh criticism), has been drastically improved for all manner of low to high gain possibilities.
The power section clipping is selected with three way toggle for LED clipping, no clipping (a huge volume boost) and mosfet clipping (more distortion, very organic but quieter), and added a tight/full switch to go from razor articulation to thick and meaty, which can be pushed into fuzz territory.

The left toggle is “clipping”:
Mosfet/no clippping/LED
The right toggle is “response”

Introducing the AZOTH V2. An active BAXANDALL BOOST. Made famous in the original ORANGE MATAMPs, a baxandall EQ is capable of both cut and boost with the two simple bass and treble controls. The boost control lets you set the amount of over all cut/boost the AZOTH produces (which is considerable!) with a master volume to balance. To be used anywhere in your chain including the effects loop. Let the AZOTH guide your alchemical quest for tone!

Please allow 1-4 week build time with all handwired effects. Please feel free contact for current queue times. Thank you!



All BLACKHAWK pedals are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.


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