$130.00 - $150.00

Has your love of the halfling’s leaf clearly slowed your mind? Do you follow the smoke to the riff filled land? Do you just want the sickest, gnarliest tone but don’t wanna fiddle with knobs to find it? Then the GANDALF FUZZ has ONE KNOB TO RULE THEM ALL!!!
This simple spell is cast with an opamp blasting a transformer and some germanium diodes (creating an octave up/ring mod effect). Just enough octave, just enough fuzz, just enough distortion. The perfect alchemical recipe.
This little box stacks perfectly before or after any other dirt you want to throw at it.

V2 update! Now with internal trim pots for octave blend and tone!

Videos are available on instagram @blackhawkamps

All Blackhawk fuzz pedals can be placed anywhere in your guitar chain. You never have to worry about buffers or active pickups getting in the way of your tone.

All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.

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