• Image of PI π FUZZ: RAMS HEAD (70s)
  • Image of PI π FUZZ: RAMS HEAD (70s)


I’m not usually big on doing direct "clones" or pedals that are commonly cloned but with how well the green Russian PI fuzz turned out I thought “why not make the other versions?”

While we're at it, what if the had the mids available to change the minds of the many guitarists who feel like they just disappear in a mix when they kick on a BM fuzz? Basically, a version for both BM PI π FUZZ collectors AND those who wrote them off long ago.

•The RAMS HEAD is known for its warm, wooly, classic 70s fuzz. When I think of the rams head, I think of heavy 70s distortion/fuzz tones like the solo album of Randy Holden of Blue Cheer.

•I've "cooled down" the gain just a bit so it can also achieve those killer transistor distortion sounds at lower gain levels and cleans up amazingly well with your guitar volume knob.

•For the RAMS HEAD I went with a combination of BC183 and BC184 transistors.
This achieves even better gain and texture than the 2N5133 which are no longer available.

•With every version, the best transistor is carefully selected and measured for the best "HFE" (or gain) for each stage and tone for that circuit. Whenever possible the original transistors will be used but if there is a better alternative, thats what will be used.

•All the important things are as exact as possible, the proper emitter and collector values, diodes that are as close to the original as possible but I’ve used WIMA film caps for the nf values and silver mica for the pf values as i do in my other designs.

•The main thing is I added a mid boost/scoop control. so not only can you achieve flat/unity mids, you can even boost mids above unity

•The RAMS HEAD comes in hammered steel powder coated enclosure with Davies 1470 knobs or "Big Boss" knobs.

Controls are (top left to bottom right)

Videos are available on Instagram @blackhawkamps

All Blackhawk fuzz pedals can be placed anywhere in your guitar chain. You never have to worry about buffers or active pickups getting in the way of your tone.

All BLACKHAWK pedals and preamps are true bypass and standard “one spot style” 9v, Negative tip, 2.1mm barrel.

Please allow 1-2 weeks build time as every BLACKHAWK pedal is made by hand for YOU.


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